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Thursday, August 19, 2010 -{'8:40 AM
After the Torch Relay on Wednesday, although initially, I feel it as a waste of time, but now after learning more bout the youth olympics games, I felt that despite the heat and the long wait
, we should be proud of standing there as Singapore managed to get nominated for hosting the YoG and not only should we feel proud and patriotic for our own nation, we should be honored that we can see Singaporeans wearing the YoG shirts and carrying the YoG lamp towards the clock tower. ( We were stationed alongside the road before the clock tower)
Think about it, would we be able to see even such people coming here with everyone wearing the yog shirt? Would we be able to gather as a school together to watch such an event? -even if it's boring:D-
We must understand that this is our country, our nation and we should feel that everything we do for Singapore was worth the time. Because S'pore is our homeland after all.
Therefore, we must understand that the youth olympic games is an important aspect.. essential for Singapore to shine as a little red dot Red dot Pictures, Images and Photos
Hardly do we get such a chance to show our capability to the world so gear up, be ready, and stand up for Singapore.

Short post (:
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♥ Chinese Learning (:
-{'7:48 AM
The Chinese language is illusive to English speaking world, almost seems to be a complex mystery intimidating to unravel and to understand.
If you wish to learn Chinese, then use it as a bridge to not only communication with this beautiful culture, but learn Chinese to harvest the history and ways of their world as well.

But why learn Chinese? could be the question that you are wondering :]
Because today’s world almost insists on it.
With our increasing love for the Chinese culture, like the martial arts, or media (Who can forget Jacki Chan), or even Chinese food…we are quickly merging cultures together today then we ever did in past. Great inspirations have come out of the eastern ways of life, and in a hungry way to consume them, and learn all about them, the need to learn Chinese has surfaced. In the western world, the fast paced, time pressed crunches have taken their toll, and now we actively speak of not our mother language, but more of other languages like English. To learn Chinese…whether it be the arts, the words, the ways, just remember, by doing so, we are merging another culture’s layers and sewn them in as our own. The influence of the Chinese culture is undeniable and we should learn to embrace it and cherish this beautiful culture and language (:

And perhaps, you will want to learn Chinese for future purposes - for an upcoming trip to China, or a hobby, or maybe just for simple understanding of a new friend, whatever the reason behind the spark.

Learn Chinese to have an experience culturally. Learn Chinese for application in your job. Learn Chinese for knowledge, for wisdom and balance in your life. Learn Chinese to step into the future now. Learn Chinese for your upcoming vacation to china. But mostly, learn Chinese for yourself. Because it is something you always wanted to do. The impact of eastern culture is growing everyday, and will continue as our ways and cultures merge.

So remember guys, Chinese could be easy to learn - if only and only if you understand the reasons and impacts behind.. LeArNing ChInEse.

Virusboyy ~ Havoc-creation.blogspot.com (:
♥ NDP celebrations ! :D
-{'5:38 AM

I'm reviving my blog for english ace.. the only reason why im doing so perhaps.. haha :D
So as the national day parade 2010 whizzes past on 9th August 2010, you saw the event take shape before your very eyes.

On the actual day itself, the whole nation gathers to watch - either at the venue or live on TV - favorites like the march past, aerial flight past, armored vehicles rolling down the streets, the NDP show and of course the favorite, the fireworks.

Although most of the people in my neighborhood seemed to take the Monday as any other normal day, I was full of pride and nevertheless, never more enthusiastic to celebrate this national day. To me, it was a once in a year kind of event and this was an event unlike no other - an event that only we, as true Singaporeans could enjoy and appreciate. The importance was not behind the numerous performances put up on that day, but it showed the success that S'pore had now after all the hard work put in by many in Singapore's journey right after its independence.

Furthermore, I find performances and the annual ndp parade meaningful as Singaporeans who were working or living abroad could be reminded of Singapore through the performances and it would invoke sentimental emotions in them and also their long lost patriotism for Singapore, and that Singapore will always be their homeland and they will always belong in Singapore wherever they are. Memories of Singapore will also be part of them.. wherever they stay :D

45 years of Nation Building, it's been marvellous.. for this place where I call HOME.
Celebrating Singapore's birthday for the 14th time.. and counting (:
Happy 45th birthday Singapore! ^^

The finale fireworksNeat shot of the flyoverMidshow fireworks

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Thursday, June 3, 2010 -{'11:38 PM

Hello !
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Short post,
♥ Task 2!
Tuesday, May 25, 2010 -{'7:38 PM
Task 2

Complete the template provided in Annex A, focusing on (1) Point of View; (2) Situation and Setting; (3) Language/Diction; and (4) Personal Response, and post your response to Task 2 on your blog. This template is based on John Lye’s ‘Critical Analysis of Poetry’, and you can make reference to this in Annex B when in doubt.

In this poem, Hubert is an American soldier during the Vietnam War who wanted the war to stop and was strongly against modern warfare.

1. Point of View

The writer could foresee the impacts of Agent Orange and was writing in a harsh tone that criticizes the Americans of their mistake in releasing the chemicals and causing grave consequences.

Evidence: First stanza line 1 where the poet wrote “America did not foresee”.

Elaboration: This shows that the speaker had felt infuriated by the devastating impacts of ‘Agent Orange’ used by the Americans during the ever-lasting Vietnam War, resulting many generations to be affected. Perhaps, the speaker was an American soldier who had experienced the war before, hence, he was able to see the dire consequences of modern warfare on the innocent people.

The poet also felt that the Americans were the "root of all evil" and they were the reason for why there were so many casualties and consequences in the millions of people.

Evidence: In second stanza line 8, the poet wrote “Nefariously America led astray”

Elaboration: The speaker felt that the actions of the Americans were brutal and inhumane as they had caused many deaths and harmed the younger generations, and this drove America into a state of confusion as it was being regarded as a "top murderer" and without any directions, America walked on aimlessly and was led astray.
In addition, due to the fact that the Americans wanted to win the Vietnam War badly, invokes them to use the highly dangerous ‘Agent Orange’ on the Vietnamese, however, they were unable to foresee the consequences caused by the use of ‘Agent Orange’ themselves.

The poet also had a "Pro-life attitude"

Evidence - "Toll on the innocent and unborn."

Elaboration - The writer feels that war itself actually punishes more than what it should. Apart from just soldiers whose lives are sacrificed in war, innocent people and unborn fetus were also killed in war by the use of 'Agent Orange'. This expresses how the writer compares the severity of the American's mistake with innocent beings, thus the pro-life attitude.

2. Situation and Setting

- Emotional
"Toll on the innocent and unborn."

The poet emphasizes about the negative impacts of war by relating to the depression of the innocent people who were killed in the midst of war, therefore he focuses on emotional conflicts by conveying them through harsh words like "toll" which is a pun for death (:

- Saddening
“Generations untold WILL pay”

The situation was very saddening and helpless as the poet felt that the modern warfare used in the war would only cause more harm on the younger generations who would suffer a lot. Thus, this shows the sadness and cruelty of war on the innocent ones. By emphasising on "WILL", he was firm and sure that the people of the next generations will pay for all the consequences and aftereffects of the chemicals due to the mistake of the Americans and also shows his attitude towards the Americans - A sense of deep hatred and disappointment.

3. Language/Diction


“Potpourri” means a mixture of materials or substances.
In this poem, ‘potpourri’ is used to refer to the large-scaled mixture of deaths caused as a result of war, thus showing the devastating impacts of warfare on the people and how serious the consequences were.


“toll” means a payment or price that people have to pay.
However, in this poem, the writer uses toll here - “toll on the innocent and unborn” which shows the sacrificial of innocent lives in the war and depicts the pessimistic view of war where there were massive deaths. Thus, by using toll in the sentence to refer to the sufferings and sacrificial of lives, he forms a kind of irony because the innocent did nothing wrong yet they had to pay a heavy price with their lives.

4. Personal Response

From this poem, ‘Rainbow Death’, it made me reflect quite a bit and that the opinion of the writer that war is brutal and harsh, and will only bring unhappiness, sufferings and even deaths is matter-of-factly very true. In a war, as both sides tried to achieve victory, they will resort to anything that is able to defeat their enemy. However, this will only cause more harm to the innocent ones. In this poem, the Americans, being driven by the desperation of defeating Vietnam, resorted to using the ‘Agent Orange’ and bombed villages and cities in hopes of killing Vietnam troops but as a result, innocent villagers and children had to pay a huge price and even affected generations.

In addition, I share the same sentiments with the poet that the cruelty of war will resulted in many sacrificial of lives and that war should be considered as a last alternative to settle disputes and they must learn that ‘wars aren't over when wars are over’, meaning that war will cause dire consequences even if it has ended.

Death of a Rainbow Pictures, Images and Photos

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♥ Sec 2 HomeLearning Task 1!
-{'7:23 PM

Sec 2 Home-learning 2010 Term 2

Task 1: I will be doing my web research and report based on the conflict represented in Hubert Wilson’s Rainbow Death. Below is the poem:

Rainbow Death

America did not foresee
Green, pink, purple and other colors death potpourri!
Expecting others to pay a high price.
Now thinking twice?
Toll on the innocent and unborn.

Omnipotent and disregarding who will mourn.
Reflective about all the illness, birth defects and prematurely dead.
All the deceit continues to spread.
Nefariously America led astray -
Generations untold WILL pay -
Execrable effects of Agent
Orange spray!

Hubert Wilson

Firstly, I would like to enlighten you on some information about the poet Hubert Wilson.

Hubert Wilson
Ssgt USAF, 1968-1972

Hubert Wilson was formerly a Vietnam War veteran who served in the USAF security service. Together with a dozen or so intelligence school graduates, they prepped for about 14 months at Kelly AFB in San Antonio, Texas. They were sent to Vietnam in Southeast Asia in 1970 and about half of them ended up in the 6924th Security Squadron, Da Nang, which was an Agent Orange hotspot. The rest of them were assigned to Shemya Island, Alaska along with the 6984th Security Squadron, which was a far less contaminated environment than Da Nang.

After staying there for about 18 years, and due to the increasingly amount of Agent Orange that was present there, his health problems progressively got worse and he started to have unexplained headaches and limb pains. Following that, his central nervous system radically deteriorated with Parkinsonian type tremors, severe headaches, progressive limb pains etc. No doctors had been able to diagnose the illness at that time, and thus, he was not able to receive any medical help or assistance from any doctor.

Despite the difficulties, he did not give up but instead decided to turn to writing war poetry as his past-time since his brain was still functioning moderately well and also to remind himself of all the painful war times that he had been through, publishing one of his most famous poem

“Rainbow Death”

Rainbow Death Analysis (:

This poem, Rainbow Death, speaks of a modern day ingredient of warfare during the Vietnam War that has caused appalling death and suffering, not only to its intended victims - the Vietnamese people, but also to the USA themselves, who were the service personnel that used and started the dreaded nuclear weapon -“Agent Orange”, and this shows how in a war, both sides, no matter what, will get hurt or suffer consequences in one way or another, hence, there is no such thing as ‘Win-Win’ situation in a war, like we do in Hwa chong (:

Agent Orange”, is the code name for a herbicide and defoliant, highly contaminated with TCDD. It is used by the U.S. military in its Herbicidal Warfare program during the Vietnam War. During the war, about 4.8 million Vietnamese people were exposed to Agent Orange, resulting in a total number of 400,000 deaths and disabilities, with 500,000 children born with birth defects.

From 1962 to 1971, Agent Orange was by far the most widely used of the so-called "Rainbow Herbicides" employed in the herbicidal warfare program. During the production of Agent Orange, dioxins were produced as a contaminant, which could be the reason for the numerous health problems in millions of people who have been exposed to them. Agents Blue and White were also part of the same program but they did not contain any dioxins and was thus not as harmful as Agent Orange.

This poem “Rainbow Death” is basically to bring up the issue on the consequences of war. Hubert tries to show that even after war has ended, the effects of these wars would still stay (radiation etc) and the pain and sufferings of war would linger behind in the minds and hearts of people forever.

“Wars aren't over when the wars are over”.

Hubert Wilson also tries to show us the horror of modern warfare. As technology continues to improve, our weapons of war becomes more powerful and more destructive. From the title,
“Rainbow Warfare” may mean two things. It could mean the rainbow agents like Agent Orange in the herbicidal warfare program (there were many colours for their code names) or it could mean 'peace' (rainbow) after warfare (rain).


- http://www.warpoetry.co.uk/2010warpoetry.html#Rainbow


-http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agent Orange

- http://www.lewispublishing.com/orange.htm

agent orange Pictures, Images and Photos

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010 -{'1:25 AM
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